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The aim of this blog is to explore the ways in which people become successful traders and  investors and to provide some education, guidance and encouragement for those willing to walk this road less travelled.

My name is Tim.

I grew up in a trading family and have been trading and investing on my own account for many years.

It is an area in which I never stop learning.  I now know that to succeed one needs to not only understand the trading or investing process but must also overcome, one’s basic, genetically induced nature, which has evolved over thousands of years. This natural state of affairs is essentially about ‘survival’ as part of the human herd. However, to win in the markets, you need to operate from outside the herd.

I taught trading and investing at an adult education level for several years. The financial markets are a field which hold deep fascination for me. I see them as the intersection between economics, politics, psychology and mathematics.

This blog will include insights and  interesting , informative stories gleaned from students that I have taught as well as  from experienced and successful traders I have known. Many of these people have become my friends and trading colleagues.

My aim is to be ruthlessly honest and open in what I write about, whilst maintaining a respectable level of confidentiality to protect the interests of my trading friends and colleagues. There is already more than enough bullshit around about this subject  without adding to it.

Some people when they get to my age write their memoirs.  If they have accomplished something they  feel is worth while,  they may write a book.  I am not sufficiently motivated to do either of the above so I have settled for a blog and  will keep it going for as long as I can or until it stops being fun; whichever comes first!

The path to success is not a clearly marked one. Many people consequently lose their way amidst a considerable amount of misleading and sometimes blatantly wrong information often issued and promoted by self-interested people and organizations whose primary aim is to relieve others of their money.

Hopefully this blog will  be of  help to those wanting to explore this fascinating field. It may also enable some to  avoid or deal better with the many mistakes that  I and others have made attempting to under take this journey.

 Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
Took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

From “The Road Not Taken”  a poem by Robert Frost.