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The aim of this blog is to explore ways in which people become successful traders and investors and to try and provide some education, guidance and encouragement for those desiring to walk this road less travelled.

My name is Tim

I was educated in electronics and engineering at RMIT (Melbourne) and later studied computer programming at Monash University.  At 25 years of age I started my first business, manufacturing control and automation equipment for the mining and food processing industries.

I went on to start three other businesses including an IT company that provided software development and support for clients like the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF),  the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and many others. Between businesses I worked as an independent freelance consultant gaining experience in industries such as banking (NAB),  fund Management (Potter Warburg) and a number of smaller brokering and financial services clients.

I grew up in a trading family and started trading myself more than 30 years ago in the days before online retail trading became available in Australia. In those days trades were opened and closed by phoning a broker.  I was in a position to retire by my mid 50’s and since then have spent a good deal of my time either trading or involved in trading related activities.

I took up Forex trading and became an early adopter of the Metatrader platform shortly after it became available in Australia.

After retirement I studied and obtained a formal teaching qualification and taught trading and investing principles in a voluntary capacity at the University of the Third Age (U3A).  In 2016,  I helped found a small peer-to-peer mentoring group for Forex traders known as the Melbourne Forex Trading Team (MFTT) of which I am still an active member.

I have also spent a good deal of time researching what makes a profitable and successful trader.

I believe that the key to successful and profitable trading lies in developing what I call a “Traders Mind”.

The path to trading success is not a clearly marked one. Many people lose their way amidst the considerable amount of informational noise and sometimes blatantly wrong information that abounds in this field.

Hopefully this blog will provide a little bit of help and clarity to those wanting to explore this fascinating field. It may also enable some to avoid or deal better with the many mistakes that I and many others have made attempting to under take this journey.

Apart from trading, I enjoy other hobbies including playing clarinet in a concert band and working on art and animation projects using the latest digital media tools. I also enjoy making and repairing things in my home engineering workshop and helping with the grand children whose ages range from recently born to late adolescence.

Some people when they get to my age write their memoirs. Some may even write a book. I am not sufficiently motivated to do either so I have settled for a blog and will keep it going for as long as I can or until it stops being fun; whichever comes first!

 Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
Took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

From “The Road Not Taken”  a poem by Robert Frost.

Surviving Another Day - A digital media painting by Tim Wilson 2021
Surviving Another Day – Digital Art by Tim Wilson 2021